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was once the “Alsberg Egg Farm” and prior to that, in the 1870's, "West View Farm".  We purchased the farm in 2006 from family members who resided here for over 25 years.  It was our desire to continue to farm the property and raise our family here.
Today we continue to proudly describe our operation as a small family owned farm with close ties to the community.  We focus our efforts on growing healthy and natural produce, specifically growing unique garlic varieties.  We grow a wide range of vegetables to complement the garlic and offer quality products to complete a balanced growing season.  We continue to raise chickens, ducks and other livestock on the farm, as our predecessors have done for generations.

Our community benefits from the wide range of excellent, locally grown products available here in Hunterdon County.  As we evolve and grow, we continue to only sell what we feel is the freshest possible products which achieve our high quality standards.  Our commitment is not only to our customers, but our own family as well.  We feed our family the same products we grow and sell and are acutely aware of our stewardship with the land.  We take pride in supporting our community by delivering quality products and continuing the very special tradition of locally grown fresh produce in our area. 

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Stanton Mountain Farm is located at the base of Stanton Mountain near the Round Valley Reservoir
in Clinton Township, New Jersey.  The Round Valley area has a long history of farming with notably rich fertile ground excellent for growing crops.  Our farm