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At Stanton Mountain Farm, we specialize in gourmet garlic. 
We currently grow 25 different varieties and supply spring garlic, garlic scapes,
garlic scallions and fully cured garlic bulbs begining in early spring each year thru November.

We view garlic as food, not just as a seasoning or flavoring to our foods.  With this understanding, you will look at garlic differently and realize that garlic has several different varieties and strains much like apples do.  Unfortunately, garlic is not often refered to as a food, but just garlic in a generic term.  This is a huge oversimplification of a very complex plant.

Garlic is the second most important Allium crop in the world only behind onions.

Garlic is an Allium sativum species with two subspecies, ophioscorodon (commonly refered to as hardneck) and sativum (commonly refered to as softneck).  There are three varieties of ophio garlic and two sativum.

OPHIO (Hardneck)SATIVUM (Softneck)

     Rocambole  Continental  Asiatic             Artichoke  Silverskin

Hardneck garlics produce a woody flower stalk which rise from anywhere between one to six feet above the leafy protion of the plant.  These are refered to as a scape and they are edible and have a mild garlic flavor.

Softneck garlics do not produce scapes.  Softneck garlics compensate for their lack of a scape by producing more cloves per bulb than hardnecks.

Softneck garlics generally lack the high flavor of the hardneck garlics and tend to be either very hot or very mild. They make up for their flavor by storing longer than hardneck garlics as well.  Softneck garlics are the variety usually found in your local grocery store.  Often times these garlics are from China. This is also the variety most often dehydrated and ground into a powder.

Elephant garlic is NOT a true garlic. It is a leek.  It is a leek that produces garlic like cloves with a very mild garlic flavor.

Our garlic is grown without the use of any chemicals or synthetic fertilizers.  We use only natural products and  weeding is all done by hand.  You just won't get this careful attention with any commercially supplied garlic.  Our garlic is all hand harvested as well.  If there is any brusing or damage, that bulb is culled.  We supply only the best of the crop each year.  We don't sell high volumes, just exceptionally high quality garlic.  Come try some of the great varieties we have available.

Hardneck Garlic Scape
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